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Live TECH WebTroubleshoot Computer Audio

We troubleshoot and fix all audio drivers and other sound related problems online.

You will not hear the common phrases such as "Honey there's no sound on my PC, "Youtube no sound" and "no sound on computer" around the house hold.

Live TECH Web helps you save time and money by delivering tech services to maximize your PC audio experience. Our support levels adhere to Microsoft's most stringent standards, ensuring that your Windows Operating system has zero audio problems.

Live TECH Web Troubleshoot Computer Audio Services Include

  • Hear no sound from the computer's speakers or headphones.
  • A sound seems to be played, but you do not hear anything.
  • A sound is played, but it stops suddenly.
  • The sound skips or misses during play back.
  • The sound is distorted or scratchy.
  • The computer stops responding when a sound is played.
  • The computer restarts when a sound is played.
  • You receive an error message when you try to play sound.
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