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Live TECH WebSupport for Internet Browsers and Email

Whether you need to install a new browser, need email support, or need help with your Internet connection, Live TECH Web can help.

Live TECH Web helps you save time and money by solving your browser and email problems online. Supported email applications include Outlook, Gmail, Hotmail, and more. Supported browsers include Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, and more!

Email Tech Support

Live TECH Web will help you set up an email account using a Web service like Gmail or Hotmail, or help you configure your email on your desktop using applications like Outlook. We can help you route and consolidate emails from multiple accounts. Additionally, we can help you personalize your email application so that you can have your own signature, create mailing lists, or set up automatic notices.

What we do

  • Troubleshoot Outlook, Eudora, Thunderbird, etc.
  • Prevent SPAM (unsolicited emails) from reaching your inbox.
  • Create specific email rules or enable auto replies to the mails you receive.
  • Configure Outlook to work with Gmail, Hotmail, etc.
  • Create distribution lists from your Outlook contacts.
  • Back up emails, contacts, and calendars.
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