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Live TECH Web Microsoft Office Installation

Are you trying to install Microsoft Office and experiencing difficulties?

You can watch while our techies install Microsoft Office for you, and you can chat with them online or speak to them over the phone whenever you want. Our team will walk you through every procedure that they are carrying out while they install Microsoft Office. Sometimes you may experience problems while you install Microsoft Office 2008 or when you try to install Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007. Do not panic and think that you can’t install Microsoft Office, instead just call our technicians. They will guide you through the process and show you how to install Microsoft Office 2008 or how to install Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007. If you prefer for our team to install Microsoft Office for you, we will be glad to do this but at the same time our technicians are available to guide you through the process.

If you would like to upgrade to a newer version of word and would like us to uninstall Microsoft Office 2003 but you decide on this change late at night, do not worry because we provide unlimited tech support 24x7. Give us Live TECH Web a call and they will install Microsoft Office Word 2007 for you or any newer version that you prefer.

Our Microsoft Office Installatione Services Include

  • Install Microsoft Office.
  • Uninstall Microsoft Office.
  • Install Microsoft Powerpoint.
  • Install Microsoft Office on Netbook.
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