Live TECH Web has the tools required to best serve your tech support needs no mater the size – From our integrated customer database so you can store and retrieve critical customer information, to our powerful internal collaboration tools which let you break down silos and better communicate internally to solve customer problems,

Live TECH Web is geared towards addressing the unique needs of both B2C & B2B technology companies, as well as service small personal Tech issues.

Live TECH Web Tech Support Software Solutions were originally written based on the background of several of the founders. We had all come from a company that created and sold software to television stations, internet marketers and main stream eCommerce websites All of our customers were other businesses, and our software was truly mission critical to them. When they called for customer support, they had high expectations.

Our customers expected that when they contacted us, we knew who they were. They wanted us to know everything about the software they had purchased, the specific configuration they had, and what issues they had experienced recently.

Many of the issues our customers called us about were complex and involved a lot of back and forth. They expected that we knew what steps had been taken before, even if a conversation had occurred with a different customer support agent.

Sometimes the issue escalated to a point where the customer called our VP of Sales or even the CEO to put pressure on us to solve the problem. I can’t tell you the number of times that a customer called me (the CEO) and I was able to quickly look up their issue and talk intelligently about it – All because we tracked their problems and had a pretty well written internal system to track the issues.

Our internal team also worked very closely together to resolve problems. While the term “collaboration” wasn’t yet in vogue, it’s certainly what we did – Teamwork and collaboration were all key components of what made our company work well together and solve customer issues.

We took all of the lessons we learned – good and bad – from our various previous experiences and put them together to create Live TECH Web


Welcome to Live TECH WebTechnical Support.
Bob Swanie - Live TECH Web CEO